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Name: karen copeland
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Country: n. ireland Date: Wed Feb 21 10:11:24 2007
Comment: wonderful stuff, i holidayed on the island often as a girl, your photos are exquisite, so many lovely mememories. thankyou.

Name: Patricia
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Country: Shropshire Date: Mon Feb 19 19:01:43 2007
Comment: My husband and I are both delighted with your pictures.However, what strikes me even more is your pleasant manner, your warmth and enthusiasm for the Isle of Man.You are doing an excellent job in the fire service and long may you enjoy good health and happiness. Two silver surfers.

Name: Ian Smith (Homepage)
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Country: Canada Date: Mon Feb 19 12:45:30 2007
Comment: Lovely photos! I found out recently that one of my great-grandfathers had left the Isle of Man to work the coalfields of Nova Scotia. I'm happy now to be able to imagine the place. It's utterly gorgeous and I hope to visit someday.

Name: Cyndi Williams
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Country: USA Date: Sun Feb 11 23:03:01 2007

Name: Michael K Chapman
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Country: Date: Sat Feb 10 17:04:02 2007
Comment: These images provide a lasting testimonial to our way of life and the beauty of our island, some of them are stunning and all credit to the photographer.
Looking forward to seeing 2006 images.
Keep up the good work.

Name: Suzanne (Homepage)
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Country: UK Date: Sat Feb 3 20:57:11 2007
Comment: What a terrific collection of pictures Peter. I've just been ALL over the island! And some interesting links too, particularly the mines. Really enjoyed my visit :-) Keep well. Suzanne (epz)

Name: mike body
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Country: south africa Date: Sat Jan 20 20:25:27 2007
Comment: nice to have met you in yhe isle of man during my recent trip there.take care . mike

Name: Flavio A. Palacios
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Country: USA Date: Fri Jan 19 23:57:35 2007
Comment: Some day I will visit your Isle that seems to be beautiful and different to my peruvian eyes.

Name: wilfred cromie
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Country: ulster Date: Thu Jan 18 22:53:51 2007

Name: Les Suttom
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Country: Scotland Date: Tue Jan 9 15:13:14 2007
Comment: Hi,
Thank you for your great pictures, they
brought back wonderfull memories of my
life in the Isle of Man, I served with the
Ambulance Paramedic Service for twetnty seven
years at the old Nobles Hospital. I Then retired
to the Orkney Islands.
Thank you once again, Kind Regards
Les Sutton

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